We are looking for our next Executive Director – do you know anyone who might be interested?

Our current Exec Director, Neil Richmond, will be standing down at the end of his interim term of office next June. We are now looking for the person who will join us to perform this exciting and important role as Executive Director for The Leisure Property Forum, from July 2019.

What is the role of the LPF Executive Director?

To be the public face of LPF embodying its Mission, Vision & Values statement

• Attending seminars and events and introducing, concluding and speaking as required at these events.
• Networking with members and guests at seminars and events, and promoting the LPF activities.
• Representing LPF in discussions with related bodies and organisations and generally helping to raise awareness of the organisation among leisure property professionals.

To bring to life the Committee suggestions for seminars and events

• Transforming Committee suggestions for seminars and events into a planned event with relevant content and structure
• Following up on introductions and leads from the Committee or other LPF members to secure suitable speakers and panelists for all seminars
• To work with identified speakers/panellists to formulate suitable seminar content

To ensure delivery of seminars and events in a timely, cost effective and professional manner

• To liaise with the marketing team and any involved Committee members, and to monitor their activities to ensure timely and effective promotion and execution of all seminars and events

To have overall responsibility for the day to day running, financial affairs and corporate compliance of The Leisure Property Forum.

• To organise all necessary Committee meetings and prepare related agendas and minutes
• To liaise with the administrative team to produce management accounts and budgets/financial forecasts, as required, and to assist the accountants with the preparation of statutory accounts, and to relay relevant information to the Directors and the Committee
• To take all necessary action in conjunction with the Directors, marketing and administrative teams and externally appointed professional advisors to ensure corporate compliance in all legal and financial respects

What’s the time commitment?

This is a paid position and requires a commitment in time of around 3-4 days a month (excluding travelling time) although the hours themselves will need to be spread across the month as necessary.

The role requires attendance at the following London based meetings/events:
• 12 x monthly committee meetings
• 6 x evening seminars per year
• 6 x lunchtime or evening events per year

together with additional meetings as required, eg with our accountants, marketing managers, Chairman and/or committee members, seminar speakers or other industry organisations.

Who should apply?

The position will suit someone with extensive contacts throughout the leisure property sector across a range of disciplines, as represented by the LPF membership, and the successful applicant will be able to demonstrate flexibility in terms of their time allocation to be fully effective in the role. As such it may suit a recent retiree or active consultant.

If you know of someone who might be interested in the role please alert them to this opportunity or let us have their details.

Next steps

Anyone interested in the role should please contact Neil Richmond (Exec Director) at neil@nrandco.co.uk or Ashley Blake (Chair) at ashley@otiumrealestate.com for an initial informal discussion – or email info@leisurepropertyforum.co.uk with any specific questions you may have.