Late-night leisure comes out of the shadows

This month’s leisure property blog is written by Ashley Blake of Otium Real Estate, and Chair of the LPF.

The major challenges of late night leisure

Traditionally, property investors have been wary of late-night leisure operators such as night-clubs and bars. They were concerned about three main issues.

Firstly, the lack of experienced.... Continue reading

The right location for a health & fitness business

Health and Fitness leisure properties

If you’re an operator in a gym or a leisure business within the health fitness sector, and you’re considering expansion, you’ll be thinking about location. You’ll hear plenty of advice on the pros and cons of considering a space outside or around the edge.... Continue reading

What is the Leisure Property Forum?

The Leisure Property Forum is the leading property networking group focusing exclusively on the leisure sector. As part of our continual review of the services we provide to the members of our leisure property network, we have been working on establishing a clear mission and vision, as we move forward into.... Continue reading

Leisure property professionals

The Leisure Property Forum Survey

As part of our renewed marketing activity in the second half of 2017, The Leisure Property Forum are undertaking a review of the membership benefits and programme of events and seminars that we offer to our members. We want to ensure we are as relevant and.... Continue reading