The LPF reviews its committee membership policy on an annual basis. Guidance on Membership tenure and rotation has been amended aiming to broaden committee participation. Our mission  and committee membership policy at LPF Xtra mirrors that of our parent organisation and we are always interested in hearing from members interested in joining the LPFXtra committee.

▶Read our Committee Membership Policy here

We find that representing the LPF Xtra committee is a great experience, both personally and professionally, and would urge as many of you as possible to put your hand up. If you are interested in finding out more please complete the form  below.


The committee aims to broaden access to the leisure real estate community, principally by organising networking events and webinars each year. Responsibilities for committee members include:

  • Attending committee meetings (approx. two meetings per quarter);
  • Assist in organising events or initiatives in each calendar year, either within sub-committees or other structures;
  • Attending LPF Xtra events;
  • Suggesting speakers and industry experts for the LPF panels and events;
  • Providing ideas and innovative thinking to feed into the discussions on LPF Xtra’s strategic direction, and member
  • Helping to provide support in terms of finding venues for events and sponsors for LPF Xtra’s activities;
  • Helping to provide venues for LPF Xtra’s committee meetings and events where possible;
  • Please give us an overview of your current role with a little detail on your motivation for applying, as well as any skills and experience that make you particularly suitable for the role.