Leisure Property Forum Committee Membership Policy

Produced 10th October 2019


The Leisure Property Forum (‘LPF’) is a not-for-profit industry membership organisation whose vision is to be the go-to forum for anyone interested in leisure property.


Our mission is as follows:

  1. To deliver education via seminars and events as well as exceptional networking opportunities
  2. To provide relevant and insightful content
  3. To bring together people across our sector to do business

The LPF is constituted as a limited company which has a small group of statutory directors and whose activities are determined by a committee led by a Chairman and the LPF Executive Team (comprising those consultants providing administration, marketing, event organising and management services to the LPF).

The committee’s role is to provide the following:

  1. Set the strategic direction of the LPF both in the short-term and over a 5-year period.
  2. Ensure the LPF’s vision, mission and values are relevant and up-to-date for its members and the environment in which the LPF operates.
  3. Approve the LPF’s annual budget.
  4. Help determine and approve the LPF’s events during each year.
  5. Review and approve the LPF’s membership strategy and pricing model.
  6. Review and approve the LPF’s marketing plans and other key activities.
  7. Support the Executive Team in organising and running the LPF’s events.
  8. Provide their contacts and ideas to help create relevant and engaging events and activities, supporting the LPF in fulfilling its mission.
  9. Invite and encourage their operator and other relevant contacts to attend events, in conjunction with the LPF marketing team.

Requirements of committee members
Committee members are expected to adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Attend all full committee meetings (3-4 per annum) as well as those monthly meetings that will cover planning for upcoming events in which they are involved. They will also attend a minimum of 4 LPF events per calendar year.
  1. Be jointly responsible for organising at least 1 event or initiative in each calendar year – either within sub-committees or other structures, under the guidance of the Executive Team.
  1. Will use their contacts within the industry to supply speakers and industry experts for the LPF panels and events as necessary.
  1. Work with the Executive Team to provide ideas and innovative thinking to feed into the discussions on the LPF’s strategic direction, and programme of events provided to the membership.
  1. Provide support to the executive team in terms of finding venues for events and sponsors for the LPF’s activities.
  1. Provide venues for LPF committee meetings and events where possible.

Sickness and personal circumstances will be taken into account when reviewing the achievement of these requirements by the Chairman and Executive Team.


Committee composition
The committee is committed to ensuring the LPF follows its values as follows:


Aspirational – striving for value to all our members in every decision we take
Inclusive – welcoming, relaxed, diverse, communicative and encouraging the next generation (LPFXtra)
Listening – providing an independent forum which supports our members in ways they determine
Responsible – ensuring that the forum is well run, financially viable and has a sustainable future
Collaborative – searching out opportunities to foster wider relationships that our members will find valuable


The committee shall be comprised of members who reflect these values and its composition will adhere to these values as well.

Such members will need to show some or all of the following attributes to be considered for membership:

  1. Passion and commitment towards the LPF
  2. A strong network of contacts in the leisure industry
  3. Skills that are currently under-represented on the committee
  4. An ability to help the LPF innovate and keep at the forefront of the industry
  5. Can provide support to the LPF’s events via access to venues/sponsorship etc

The committee will also strive to ensure it has sufficient diversity to properly reflect the UK population and the different elements of the UK leisure property sector.


Membership tenure and rotation
Chairman – The Chairman is to sit for a 2-year term with ability to extend by 1 year by agreement of the committee and chairman.  The expectation is that it will be a three-year term.  A replacement chairman is to be selected by the committee at least 3 months prior to a new chairman being required.  Existing committee members may put their names forward, and the decision will be made via a secret ballot of existing committee members (excluding those who are standing for the role).

In the case of a tie, there will be a second ballot of the candidates with the most votes.  If a tie cannot be broken, the existing chairman’s vote will be counted as a casting vote to break the deadlock.

Committee Members – Each committee member will be expected to serve a 2-year term with a 2-year extension if the outgoing committee member and the remaining sitting committee members are in agreement.

Existing committee members will assist the Chairman and Executive Team in proposing short-lists of potential new committee members who can fulfil their requirements as members, have the required attributes (see above), meet the requirements of the committee’s composition and share the values of the LPF.

New committee members should be proposed and seconded and voted in by a majority vote at a committee meeting with more than 4 attendees.  The Chairman will have a casting vote in the case of a tie.

Some committee members will also be asked if they would serve as a director of The Leisure Property Forum Limited.  This is separate role with statutory requirements on those involved.  Directors will be drawn from committee members and the Executive Team as well as any professional advisors considered necessary by the committee (such as a professional company secretary).

This policy will be reviewed by the LPF committee every two years to ensure it is in accordance with the LPFs activities and requirements.

Next review: October 2021

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