Covid Protocols for the LPF for the remainder of 2021

When putting on physical events, the LPF will adopt the following protocols:
1. Liaise with the venue to ascertain their COVID safety protocols and follow them as a first resort.
2. If the venue has no protocols and the event involves less than 70 people in attendance, then the following actions will be taken:
a. Members will be offered a video-on-demand alternative if they do not wish to attend in person.
b. All attendees will be emailed and requested not to attend if they have COVID-like symptoms, or have tested positive for COVID in the last 14 days and have not yet had a negative result from a subsequent test.
c. Attendees who are not double vaccinated will be advised to take a lateral flow test no earlier than 24 hours before attending, and if the result is positive they will be requested to let us know they cannot attend – they will be given video access instead.
3. For events over 70 people, specific COVID safety protocols will be developed with the venue, dependent on best practice and government advice at the time.

Review of COVID Protocols

We will review our strategy for any of these events 2 months before each one.